Real Estate Consultants Decoded : 2019’s Biggest Revelation

2019 is going to be a big year for the real estate market. Technology is going to play a major role in this process.
India is on the lines to become a major superpower in the coming years. Investors in the real estate market and International companies are setting their eyes on India.
Buying/investing in a property is a major decision for almost all of us. We want nothing but the best.
How about having someone guiding us in this process of home buying? We wouldn’t mind , would we?
This is where the role of a real estate consultant comes in.
Most of us have a lot of mis-conceptions relating to these real estate consulting firms. Through this post, we will attempt to answer all your queries.
Let’s start with the basic question :

Who is a Realtor/Real Estate Consultant/Property Advisor?

Google defines a realtor as :  “a person who acts as an agent for the sale and purchase of buildings and land”
A real estate agent or consultant is someone who is licensed to help sellers sell and buyers buy properties.
They will negotiate with the builder on your behalf and offer the best price on the property you are looking for, which you may/may not get if you directly approach the builder.
Is price negotiation the only role of a real estate consultant?
No, their work ranges from shortlisting the property as per customer’s choice, to getting site visits done, negotiating on the customer’s behalf, helping with the documentation/legal process and finally closing out the deal.
The real estate consulting firm basically hand hold you through the entire home buying process. They are your point of contact for any queries regarding your real estate investment/purchase.
Now, onto the next question :

Why are they important & How are they going to help me out?

There was a time when anyone could be a broker/agent. No, questions asked. The real estate agent’s job was only to show the property that was on sale to the customer and convince him to buy the same. He would then get a percentage of the property he sold and would then disappear.
In case the builder doesn’t deliver as promised, he would in no way be responsible for the same and the customer would suffer. He would have no way to safeguard himself.
Now, with RERA coming into play, the builder needs to deliver as promised. It is not possible for anyone to be a real estate broker, as he/she needs to be RERA registered.
This move has made the role of a real estate consultant even more important. Real estate consulting firms are companies that consist of a team of experts, property advisors, CRM’s who will hand hold you through the entire process of buying your dream home.
An ideal Real Estate Consulting firm in India will help you out will the following :
Locate and view homes that meet your requirement.Advise you on the area/market conditions.Work with you in crafting the initial offer in a purchase agreement.Work with you through negotiations with the seller.Help you secure a loan.Deliver and explain all documents related to the purchase. Guide you through all legalities.Work with you through closing and getting your keys.

How do I get in touch/search for these Consulting Firms?

Just a simple Google Search will help you find these property consultants.
Like :
Google, “real estate consultants near me” or any real estate consulting firm that you are aware of like, “Viluva Property Consultants“.
You can also get in touch with property advisors here.

Is there any Real Estate Consulting Fees? Do I have to pay the Real Estate Consultants any consulting fees?

This is one of the most common question asked by many people looking to take the services of a consultant. Also, this is the reason why most people hesitate to approach consultants.
The answer to this question is : NO.
You do not have to pay any fees to the consultant for the services he offers you. It is free of cost, the entire home buying experience is completely free for you.
So, why not utilize the services of an expert property advisor who will assist you in the process of home buying?
Conclusion :
There are numerous builders and properties out in the market.
Utilizing the services of real estate marketing firm will give you a broad perspective on what the market has to offer. You need not approach a particular builder in your house hunting process.
The property consultants have tie ups with numerous builders and can show you number of properties based on your need, location and budget. If you do not like on particular project, the advisor will show you another one that better suits your requirement.

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